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Citronella Plus Soy Vegepure Candles

Enjoy your outdoor ambiance this Summer with our Citronella Plus all-natural, handcrafted candles formulated with 100% essential oils to keep bothersome mosquitoes and other flying insects away! Mixing the scents of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, cedar, mixed mints and tea tree, our Citronella Plus candles offer a sensational aroma for your indoor or outdoor space.

Available in a variety of options. To check out the entire line, click here.

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The Serenity Collection - Lavender & Ylang Ylang

Our Serenity Collection incorporates the calming benefits of lavender blended with hypnotic ylang ylang to enhance inner balance and well-being. Available in a variety of options, including glass pillar, blended pillar and travel tin.

To browse the entire Serenity Collection, click here.

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Aroma Naturals Cold pHusion Natural Process

Have you experienced Cold pHusion™? We 1st introduced it with our Whipped Butter Crèmes, and Hi-Vitamin Crèmes & Lotions. Now we’re excited to showcase even more of its potential as the best way to manufacture natural products, with the launch of our New 'The Amazing 30' and 'The Wave'!

Cold pHusion™ is our new green, sustainable manufacturing process where little or no heat is applied to make our emulsions. The traditional method overheats the natural ingredients, robbing them of their essential phyto-nutrients. Our new process allows for the integrity of every ingredient to be preserved through to the finished product, offering unrecognized levels of performance that aren’t possible when made the old-fashioned way.

Large wide mouth jars then expose the product to air and light, which are not friends of natural ingredients. Our airless bottles allow for preservative-free formulas and our finished pH is always skin friendly. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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