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Keep Bugs Away The Natural Way This Summer

Summer time is filled with outdoor entertainment including cookouts, drive-in movies, and sporting events. Keep the bugs away the natural way with our all-natural Citronella Plus handcrafted candles with the essential oils of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, cedar, mixed mints and tea tree. The mix of essential oils keeps the bothersome mosquitoes and other flying insects away.

These candles are all natural Soy VegePure, handcrafted & meant for outdoors only.

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Happy Memorial Day!

Thankful for every brave American Soldier who faithfully gave everything for us all. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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Aromatic Mist Collection
Our Aromatic Mists contain pure essential oils to enliven the atmosphere of any room, refresh linens or balance your living environment in a safe, healthy way.

Directions: Shake well before using. Mist high into the air, away from your face, as needed to enhance any room.

Available in our classic aromas.

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Quick Hydration Skin Care For Mom the Amazing 30™, our new everyday skin care collection to deliver quick hydration and long lasting moisture with the 30 very best all-natural ingredients. High active botanicals, Essential oils, Exotic butters, hi-value vitamins, and plant Stems Cells are combined by Cold pHusion™ technology for unique, naturally active formulas. Experience the difference in just 12 hours!
Cold pHusion™ is our new green, sustainable manufacturing process, where little to no heat is applied to make our emulsions. The old fashion method overheats the natural ingredients, robbing them of their essential phyto-nutrients.

Directions: Smooth a few drops evenly across the face and neck for hydrating moisture, morning and night. Use with The Amazing 30 Lotion and Crème for larger areas. Can be used under makeup.

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Mother's Day Is Just 10 Days Away!
Mother's Day Custom Mosaic Pillar Candles

Custom Giant Candle with Hope, Romance and Meditation

Color – Pink, Red and White Mosaic
Our custom giant pillars are handmade with an assortment of our most popular aromas. They emit a symphony of fragrance notes as the individual layers burn.

Approximate burn time is 250 hours.

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Mother's Day Is Sunday May 14th

Show Mom your love with the perfect gift this Mother's Day! From custom mosaic candles, to tins with personal messages just for her and personal body care that will make her skin feel heavenly, there are so many ideas to choose from.

You can't say no with FREE shipping on orders over $40!

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Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Summer

Receive amazing results for your skin in just 12 hours with our Soft Whipped Butter Cremes. Aroma Naturals® is proud to introduce the best of nature that is multi-beneficial to your skin's health and texture. Our all-natural ingredients are sourced worldwide, so that our global is now your local. They are then combined using Cold pHusion™, our new Green Chemistry where little or no heat is applied to make our creamy emulsions. Our products are naturally faster acting, longer lasting and multi-functional.
  • Anti-Aging 
  • Antioxidant Fortified 
  • Multi-Functional 
  • All Natural
  • Bioactive
  • Fragrance Free
  • Allergy Friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Non-GMO 
  • Non-greasy
  • Multi-Beneficial
  • Fast Results
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